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Other Electronic Resources.

ALD Inc. EPAD Mosfets (solid state potentiometers).

Buckeye Shape-form MFG.

CA-Connector Catalog

Cell Computing Inc.

Central Semiconductor Corporation - The best view to electronics on the Web

Hammond mechenical drawings

Information Storage Devices Inc.

Audio Note Capacitors

Interlink Electronics Inc.

Lectrosonics Microphones

Mouser catalog online

Newark catalog online

OKW Custom enclosures.

Omron Electronics Inc.

Parallax Basic Stamp

Parallax's Link Page

PCB Design Magazine

SGS Thompson Microelectronics Inc.

Tech America

Samtec (Connectors)

Visual Sound Audio/Video/Presentation

Repair World .com

Rose Bopola Enclosures

Xicor Inc.

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